João Faraco

Hello there! 👋️My name is João, I'm a Product Designer from Brazil.

I've been designing things since 2006. I started as a graphic designer and gradually transitioned to digital product design. I've worked as a solo designer, been in small and large teams and built products for the web, mobile and desktop.

I am deeply committed to maintaining a hands-on approach, leading by example to inspire creativity and excellence within the team.



Graduate program at PUC-RJ Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ergonomics and Human-Computer Interaction

2004 — 2008

Bachelor of Design at ESPM Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Design and Visual Communication, with Emphasis in Marketing

Work experience

2021 — 2024

Product Design Manager

  • I was responsible for the UX of the medical platform used by healthcare professionals and grew the team of designers and researchers that would take it to the next level in terms of utility and usability.
  • Helped to establish a culture of experimentation and continuous discovery. Our process allowed for weekly user interactions and fast iterations of prototypes.
  • Led the guild of designers and developers who built our Design System, which improved efficiency for the team and consistency across the platforms.
  • I gained a lot of experience in the context of healthcare and how to provide value both to B2B and B2C customers.
2020 — 2021

UX Manager

Context: Having gained experience with the people, the product and the business, I transitioned to a manager role. As a UX manager, I got to work closely with a diverse team of designers and researchers, supported them in their careers and work, and learned how to impact the business as a manager.

  • Together with other managers and the team, we established the design vision for OLX and built the career and skills system for designers, to support them in progressing and doing great work.
  • My scope of work spanned the main marketplace categories and I also overlooked UX for trust & safety of the platform.
2017 — 2020

Senior Product Designer

  • I was responsible for designing, launching and expanding the B2C and B2B paid products line and adoption strategy.
  • I worked closely with the sales teams to discover, co-create and validate solutions with clients, which ultimately helped to leverage our monetization strategy while delivering extra value to our customers.
  • I also worked on the real-estate vertical, where I focused on gaining deep understanding on the acquisition and rental journeys, and improving the overall UX for the category.
  • Teamed up with front-end developers and PMs to kick off OLX's first Design System initiative.

Product Designer

Context: Skina was a startup that was building an eponymous local classifieds app. It was a sort of spin-off of its parent company OLX's online marketplace, which they started in order to have an app-only C2C marketplace focused on local goods and targeted towards a younger audience. The team was about 14 people, and I was the solo designer.

  • When I joined, we wanted to introduce transactional P2P payments, and have a web version for a guest checkout flow. We did this in around 3 months and validated the transactional C2C model, which would eventually be implemented at OLX.
2013 — 2016

Product Designer

Context: I joined the newly-formed product design team at PSafe when it offered a free ad-based anti-virus for Windows and a cloud storage app. The user acquisition strategy was based on co-installation partnerships and it monetized with ads on users' desktops. Though the userbase was large, PSafe had reputation issues in Brazil, rendering the model unsustainable.

  • As a turnaround strategy, we reviewed the acquisition model and streamlined the product line.
  • As a response to a growing mobile user market, we focused on free security and performance utilities for Android. I was responsible for the overall UX of the main utility app PSafe Total.
  • As part of the monetization strategy, I built a proprietary notification management tool, modeled around BJ Fogg's behavior model, to help internal teams to design in-app notifications optimized for usefulness and engagement. This helped increase notification engagement from 17% to 56%.
2012 — 2016


I co-founded Usine in order to produce Insert, a 2-day international design conference in Rio de Janeiro. The event featured 8 national and international talks, 2 round tables, 6 mini-cases from students and small agencies, 3 special case studies, 5 workshops and a visitors area with a design fair, exhibitions and activities, and to top it off, a huge party at the end of the first day. It attracted over 2,700 participants and more than 5,300 visitors.

I'm proud to have been able to successfully execute this risky project, which required so many skills that myself and the team had to get comfortable with.

My responsibilities: Curation, graphic design, launch and online communication strategy, social media management, ticket sales management, relationship with participants, supporters and collaborators.

2011 — 2012


Improvisu was my first experience in entrepreneurship. Our app never got much traction — we validated that it wasn't really something people wanted to use — but it was one of the most fun and productive time periods of my life. I learned a lot of front-end development, since I was the only designer.

2008 — 2015

Co-founder and content creator

Caligraffiti was a blog I created with a few college friends, to keep in touch after we graduated and publish posts on design, art and technology.

I published over 300 posts and maintained the site itself.

2009 — 2011

Tátil Design
Graphic Designer

I worked on branding projects for large clients — one of the last ones I participated was the branding for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, quite a unique experience. By this time I was starting to experiment a lot more with digital design, and learning about UX design. I had finished a graduate program on Ergonomics and UI design, and wanted to start applying what I had learned.

2006 — 2009

PVDI Design
Graphic Designer

I graduated in Graphic Design, and at the time was working at PVDI, a boutique design studio in Rio de Janeiro. It's the oldest design studio in Brazil, dating back to the 60's. We did a lot of branding, packaging, signage and print work and it really was my second design school.

My three years at PVDI gave me some solid visual foundations that I incorporate in my work to this day.